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Our new pet tortoise, Rustle

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Our New PetThis past weekend, Little Miss I finally got what she had been asking for a long time: A new pet! However, this new pet is really not so new… he’s a desert tortoise that used to belong to our Uncle Gino. Last year, after his passing, the family had to decide what to do with his two pet tortoises… a female, about 50 years old, and a male, around 25. After a year, and some learning, signing in for the tortoise society, registering him, etc, this past Saturday the 25 year-old male made the transition into our house.  My husband made a “house” for him, and off the tortoise went wandering about our yard, and getting to know the expanse and limits of his new home. So now, like an old Italian “man,” he has a little enclosure by the fig tree.

Tortoise HomeWe all started throwing names around, as the tortoise was never named by Uncle Gino… I suggested Tata, both because it means “Grandfather” in Spanish, and because in Italian Tortoise is Tartaruga. Andrew didn’t like it. Then we tried with Speedy, but daddy quickly countered with Rustle… As Gino’s middle name was Russell, it was a nice double entendre…

Tiny A was also walking around following the tortoise, clearly curious about him — but not too close. He didn’t try to pet him, but were mesmerized by his size and movements.

Baby and TortoiseSunday morning, once we all woke up, my husband found Little Miss I out in the yard, chalk in hand, writing tons of notes for her new tortoise. She decided that Rustle was spelled Russtle, so here are all the things she wrote (in case you can’t read them up in the photograph):

I have a singing tortoise!

Can Russtle talk? Yes.

What does Russtle love the most? Dandelions

Russtle sat on my lap! (!!)

Hello, my tortoise!

I adore Russtle!

Our new tortoise is named Russtle

When Russtle comes by, never say good bye

My own tortoise!

Russtle is HUGE

I have a pet

Russtle is so cute!

Our pet named Russtle loves flowers

I never looked at another pet!

Russtle is so, so cool!

I love you Russtle.

Would you say a little girl is extremely excited to have a pet at last?

About Erika

Worked in film and TV for several years before having my two wonderful children. Now I try to bring that creative input into my home to raise my kids. Hope you enjoy following this journey!
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  1. That is too cool! When we bought our 1st house the previous owners had a tortoise but weren’t able to find him by the time the keys were handed over. (It was under the house)
    My husband and I were excited at the new house AND a new pet, but unfortunately, they came back to get him 🙁

  2. OMG! How exciting!!!
    I love that your lil’ one wrote notes to her new pet friend! SO cute!
    Congratulations on your new family member!

    🙂 Anna

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