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Passionate hate for an educational computer program

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xtramathMy little daughter has been struggling at school with a math based computer program, which she flat out decided to abhor. While trying to help her go through it, she ended up writing a sort of rambling essay instead. Here’s what she wrote (transcribed, spelling and punctuation corrected):

Titanium is hard and rigid. Once at school my teacher asked, “What is rigid?” My friend Henry got chosen and he said, “Titanium.” I got amazed. I didn’t even know what titanium was, so I didn’t raise my hand at that point. So I thought about it a little while. My day was a bit spoiled, so I felt bad for myself. The end.

I do not like xtramath. 
So period.
No, no, no, no, I am going to take a tantrum.

What really amazes me is her connection between rigidity and acting out against the so-said program. Fortunately for us, the only tantrum “taken” was her written displeasure. Sometimes I’m just stunned at how much like me she can be, as she uses words and writing in order to get her point across instead of acting out.

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Worked in film and TV for several years before having my two wonderful children. Now I try to bring that creative input into my home to raise my kids. Hope you enjoy following this journey!
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  1. I’m just impressed she’s 5 and writing out these thoughts! Haz hecho muy bien!! 🙂

  2. Love this story! So much comes out when they can write, even in the very early stages. She has “voice” just like her mama 🙂
    Kidpeople Classroom

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