Creative Writing

This is a perfect class to incorporate into a summer camp type of program, as each class is independent from the rest of the curriculum, and its main focus is getting the children writing and creating. Using writing prompts like “What if you wake up and all the Grown ups have disappeared?” Or “What would happen if you all of the sudden were to visit a city in outer space?” We’ll strive to have kids understand and use the basic guidelines of storytelling: Beginning, middle and end, and what a story conflict means.

Writing and Acting

Through writing their own stories, the kids learn both storytelling and acting when they take their scripts to the stage and perform them. This is a 8 to 10 class course where we work from an idea to the finished stage performance.

How to Make a Film Using a Phone

This class focuses on letting children write their own screenplays and record them to put together films using cell phones with cameras. In the class we all write a little film together, then break into the different areas of film making to let them experience the diverse movie roles: director, cinematographer, actors, etc. This course is 8 to 10 classes long.

If you are interested on bringing these workshops to your school, please contact me here.