Creative Writing

This workshop focuses on the importance and usefulness of communicating and expressing oneself on paper. The theme and prompts for the writing exercises will be geared to write stories that connect and express the children’s varied interests, as freely as possible. We’ll explore different genres and types of writing (e.g. descriptive, realistic, humor), but we’ll zero in on:

  • Story Conflict
  • Structure
  • Clarity
  • Punctuation
  • Developing vocabulary
  • Word use

Each class we’ll deal with a different aspect of writing: from the main idea of the piece, inspiration, and structure, to drafting, editing and publishing.

The workshop will be split into two parts: a writing exercise and a bigger project that will carry on throughout the workshop. This project will end up with a finished and published story by each student.

At the end of the eight-class workshop I expect all students to fully grasp the power and importance of writing their ideas clearly, even if they still have some grammatical and spelling errors.

My Daughter’s ability for storytelling improved noticeably this school year, after taking Erika’s workshop. Her narrative is much more structured now, and she became an avid reader too!  Paty S.

Here’s a Sample of what we did using Story Cubes:

Olexi’s Adventure to Earth, by I.K.

Olexi arrived on a rainy day. Many men were lifting bricks and paving them. Once they formed a tower, Olexi looked at a boy who was hitting this round thing with a stick. But then he pointed to Olexi and shouted: “Ah ha! An Alien!” And then a man with a super pretty thing on his head. But Olexi had to leave. “No! Wait! Alien!” She stopped and he gave her a broken egg and a bug. Then she left.

My daughter has enjoyed Erika’s writing workshop! She has always loved to write her own stories, and Erika has helped her learn to focus her creativity and channel her thoughts onto the page.
Paula C.