Acting your Own Play

Through writing their own stories, children learn storytelling and also acting as they create their tales and then perform them. We explore story structure, conflict and resolution, dialogue writing and staging. Starting from an idea coming from the children, we’ll end up with a full performance, which will be recorded and available for all parents to see at the end of the course. This is a 8 to 10 class course where we work from an idea to the finished stage performance.

[The class] is a lot of fun! I’m directing two stories. I like to meet my friends and do funny things. Erika is very nice and friendly. Erika taught me how to perform in plays. I’m really excited about the show at the end. Z.W.. Age 7.

Here are two samples of work done at this workshop:

The Princess and the Leprechaun, by J.C. (6 years old)

Once upon a time there was a princess whose father lost everything, so she was terrified because her castle would fall down! Unless she found a pot of gold. But where on earth would she find a pot of gold? But luckily a Luck Dragon flew by and he said that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that was outside, so the princess rushed out to find it. When she got there, she did find the gold, but it was guarded by a Leprechaun. She then outsmarted the tricky Leprechaun and brought back the gold to her Father to save their castle! The end.

Erika’s classes have become a fundamental extension of our children’s growth and educational experience. Their enrichment is not only beneficial to them in learning new skills, but also in the enjoyment they get from genuinely having fun with other children. Having a project at the end that they can tangibly show off to friends and families helps the children grow belief in their creative abilities that gives them the confidence they need to excel in every aspect of their growth. From start to finish it has been incredible to see our children flourish and reach new heights of creativity with Erika’s unique perspective and guidance. We can’t wait to see what all the kids will come up with next.  Justin H.

The Invisible Girl by Z.W. (7 years old)


Narrator: The substitute was there the next day… while [the teacher, Lizz and her friends were gone on their adventure.

Ms. Tera: Come on, guys!

Julian: Wait up!

Ms. Tera: I can’t help being excited! Sorry, did I say that out loud?


Julie: Can you please help our friend here, Lizz?

Wizard: No. I’m too old to help your friend Lizz.

Lizz: Huddle! Show me all your snacks! Hey, Julian! Can I use that cookie of yours?

Julian: Sure!

Lizz: Mr. Wizard, would you do a cookie for a spell?

Wizard: Mmmmh… Sure!

Lizz: Thanks!


Wizard: Invisiblus Pokus!

Lizz: Wow!!

Wizard: Now you can turn invisible whenever you want.

Lizz: Double wow!!

All: Yay!