My son loved attending Erika’s workshop and writing and directing his own short film. He was able to enjoy the entire process from writing to storyboarding to shooting his own film. It was a great experience!  Sherry S.


Erika’s classes have become a fundamental extension of our children’s growth and educational experience. Their enrichment is not only beneficial to them in learning new skills, but also in the enjoyment they get from genuinely having fun with other children. Having a project at the end that they can tangibly show off to friends and families helps the children grow belief in their creative abilities that gives them the confidence they need to excel in every aspect of their growth. From start to finish it has been incredible to see our children flourish and reach new heights of creativity with Erika’s unique perspective and guidance. We can’t wait to see what all the kids will come up with next.  Justin H.


My Daughter’s ability for storytelling improved noticeably this school year, after taking Erika’s workshop. Her narrative is much more structured now, and she became an avid reader too!  Paty S.


[The class] is a lot of fun! I’m directing two stories. I like to meet my friends and do funny things. Erika is very nice and friendly. Erika taught me how to perform in plays. I’m really excited about the show at the end. Z. Weidman. Age 7.


My daughter has enjoyed Erika’s writing workshop! She has always loved to write her own stories, and Erika has helped her learn to focus her creativity and channel her thoughts onto the page.
Paula C.