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Giving power and a sense of accomplishment to my girl

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Yesterday, March 10th, Little Miss I and I went to the post office to submit her official entry into the PBS kids writing competition. I had found this competition through a Google book community, and asked Miss I if she’d be interested in creating a storybook to submit. As she’s been writing several poems and stories, she was very happy to take on the challenge.

She ended up writing at least 4 or 5 stories, and they all had very nice aspects to them. It was interesting seeing where the ideas were coming from, and how what she reads and sees everyday in books, movies, TV and computer sparks her creativity. It was also funny to see that she was never happy enough with any of those stories, and wanted to keep writing and exploring more choices. At some point her dad and I had to point out that if she didn’t chose one, she’d never be done in time to submit her story. So, with our help, she finally picked one. Then, she had to make the drawings for the story. That was the most frustrating part for her, as nothing that she did made her happy. She wanted her art to look a certain way and she was just not satisfied with the result. At some point she decided to draw everything in pencil first — that way she’d be able to do all the drawings without stopping at each and everyone of them and be so critical of her work. She finally colored in all the drawings, finishing the entire project on Sunday afternoon. Once she was done and ready to send in her material, she felt very proud of herself. And so did I.

Here’s a picture from her book:


Rick the friend of Lily, the brother and sister, were very good friends

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