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S’more Lollipops to go camping with Millie Fierce

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This week, cooking class with I and Z was a lot of fun, as I put together a combo of a camping trip story along with S’more lollipops, based on an idea I saw on Pinterest. As the S’more lollipops were super easy to make, I decided to take pictures of the process with the girls in charge of putting them together. All I did was melt the chocolate to get them ready for them.

Kid S'more Lollipops
Yields 24
A wonderful way to enjoy S'mores, even if you don't have a camp fire.
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Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 24 big marshmallows
  2. 1 3.5 oz. bar of good Dark Chocolate (or your Chocolate bar of choice)
  3. 24 lollipop sticks or wooden skewers
  4. 4 Cinnamon Graham Crackers
  1. M&M's, Rice Crispies or sprinkles to decorate
Special Equipment
  1. Heavy small pot
  2. one sandwich size Ziplock bag
  3. Cookie sheet covered with wax paper
  1. Cut the chocolate bar in small pieces and put it in the small heavy pot under low heat, until it is completely melted. Cool slightly.
  2. Place the Graham Crackers in the Ziplock bag and thump them with your fists to make them into fine crumbs.
  3. Place the Graham Cracker crumbs in a bowl. If you're using Rice Crispies or other candies or nuts to decorate, put each topping in a different bowl.
  4. Take a lollipop or wooden stick and skewer one marshmallow at the top.
  5. Using the stick, dip the marshmallow in the melted chocolate and cover it completely.
  6. Next, press the chocolate covered marshmallow on the toppings, and place on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Once the cookie sheet is full, place in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes, for the chocolate to harden a little bit so it won't drip.
  7. Take out of the fridge and enjoy!
  1. Be very careful while melting the chocolate. Do it under low heat and moving regularly, so it won't scorch. As soon as the chocolate is melted, turn the heat off immediately.
Mami Tales http://mamitales.com/
 As I did the melting of the chocolate, I did not take photos of that… but here’s the process, by my two little chefs.


Miss Z covering the marshmallow with chocolate


Little Miss I covering her S’more Lollipop with chocolate Rice Crispies


The girls with almost a tray full of S’more lollipops

S'more lollipops ready to chill!

S’more lollipops ready to chill!

Two very happy, and chocolate covered, little girls

Two very happy, and chocolate covered, little girls

As for the book, this week we read Millie Fierce Sleeps out, from Jane Manning’s Millie Fierce’s series.

Millie-Fierce-Book-Review I had not read any of the Millie Fierce books before, and we had a lot of fun reading about her first backyard camp out. Millie is a sweet little girl with a very bad temper… but she is (at least in this story) very conscious of her short fuse and also aware that her bad temper ruins things for her — at least almost always. It is a fun story going into the inner thoughts of a little girl about to blow a gasket at each given time; but being able to hold back and control herself, which is a fabulous thing for younger kids to learn. I also loved the illustrations, which are very colorful watercolor pieces that humorously help tell the story. Millie’s facial expressions are very very funny! I think we’ll look for more Millie Fierce’s stories at the library. For the time being, we enjoyed this one very much while eating our dark chocolatey S’more Lollipops!

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Worked in film and TV for several years before having my two wonderful children. Now I try to bring that creative input into my home to raise my kids. Hope you enjoy following this journey!
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  1. I can totally see my son into that. My favorite fondue place always had marshmallows for dipping- yum!

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