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Endive, Grapefruit and Blue Cheese Salad

Right now I’m in Mexico, visiting my mom. Yesterday she had my grandma over to have lunch with her and all our siblings, and she made a salad we all love: Endive, Grapefruit and Blue Cheese salad with chopped walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette. I had totally forgotten about this salad, … Continue reading

Directing my daughter – how she finally began to speak Spanish

As some of you might know, before being a mommy I was a writer-director for film and TV. I took a little break when my Tiny A came last year, after a complicated pregnancy, but now I’m back and directing my daughter! Right before Tiny A was born I did … Continue reading

World lullabies project

I love lullabies. And I really love world lullabies, exploring different languages and styles of music. This is a little story about how I stumbled upon a really beautiful project by a Russian company which has been posting their work in youtube for more than 5 years now. When Little … Continue reading